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2014 - The year that will be

Long time, no blog, so I thought I’d better post something. And when better to write a rambling post about absolutely nothing than the start of a new year.

Here goes then.

2013 wasn’t exactly a great writing year for me. I didn’t release From the Ashes like planned, so it has now been over a year and a half since Into the Night came out. THAT IS TERRIBLE. My apologies, people. It will be out soon - soon as in when I get around to finishing what I need to with it and then it will be out (didn’t I mention that this post was going to be rambly).

So what else can you expect from Jade in 2014? Not much because I am slow remember. Only joking (well, only a little because I really am rather slow). In 2014 I also plan to release my first horror book - this will either be a novel or a short story collection. I would like to bring out something else as well - Into the Night #3 or another novel, but we’ll see.

Oh, and I haven’t spoken about this on my blog yet, but for the past...whatever, I have been teaching myself how to draw manga. It’s my latest hobby, but I don’t get heaps of time to spend on it. And I’m not great because I sort of can’t draw, but like that’s a problem (*snort*). Maybe once I’m less bad (less bad?), I’ll post some stuff. I am VERY slowly working on a story, but the whole can’t draw thing is kind of getting in my way.

2014 has only just started and is shaping up to be a busy year already, in particular April. In the non-writing area of my life, I not only have my friend’s wedding - which is going to be absolutely amazing - but I’m also going to get to meet my all time favourite author Tamora Pierce, who is going to be a guest at Supanova Gold Coast. Unfortunately Supanova clashes with Oz Comic-Con Adelaide. That means I have to choose between them, right? Wrong. I’m going to both in the one weekend. Stupid Jade.

And so, one year ends and another begins, and still I have not released my second novel or found the key to immortality. Hopefully 2014 is a better year. :)

Edit: Tamora Pierce had to cancel for Supanova Gold Coast, so I didn't end up going, but I still went to Oz Comic-Con Adelaide and got Benedict Cumberbatch's autograph - after waiting in line for almost 3 hours, which was totally worth it!