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Poem: Buried Alive

This is the first poem I have written in ages, so I thought I would share. It's a little bit morbid - my apologies - but it's not like my poetry was ever sunshine and rainbows. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, although I may tweak it a bit further in spots.

Buried Alive

I wake to black
In a lack of light
I feel enclosed
In a space that's tight

My heart is racing
My heart is quick
My sweat starts trickling
Wet and slick

Breathe in
Breath out
Must get out

I pound my fists
And push and shove
I claw the lining
And wood above

My flesh is tearing
My flesh is cut
My tears are falling
Damp and hot

Breathe in
Breath out
Yell and shout

I scream for help
It goes unheard
I can't do more
It aches, it hurts

My hands are bleeding
My hands are raw
My blood is flowing
Thick and warm

Breathe in
Breathe out
Hope without

I can't escape
I'm trapped in here
I lie in wait
I'm filled with fear

My pulse is wavering
My pulse is weak
My breath starts slowing
Faint and bleak

Breathe in
Breath out
No way out

© 2014 Jade Fowler


From the Ashes update: From the Ashes is still coming - I'm very slowly getting through the changes I need to make to it. Thanks for your patience, everyone.