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From the Ashes - Excerpt

From the Ashes is coming soon, I promise. As a treat to everyone for being so patient, here is an excerpt from chapter 49. It’s non spoilery (as long as you’ve read Into the Night, but it might leave you thinking ‘what, what’s going on?’) and features a few of my favourite lines from the book.


Also, here’s a link to chapter 1 if you missed it: http://www.intothenightseries.com/excerptfromtheashes.htm


“You have plenty to offer,” said Logan’s grandmother.

Lori shook her head again. “I own a nursery. I grow plants.”

“Plants can be useful,” AJ interrupted from where she stood by Logan’s mother. “Gena used some in the spell bags she made and one of those basically incapacitated a werewolf.”

“And I’ll need to make more of them to use if things go bad,” Gena added. “I can’t rely on my magic if we’re up against the Other Witch. I was going to see if you had anything in your greenhouse I might be able to use.”

“I don’t know if I can help you with that,” Lori told her, disappointment shadowing her face. “I think the closest I have to spell ingredients are plants I use for a sleeping draught.”

Gena’s eyes lit up. “I’m sure I could make those work for something.”

“And I’ve got a whole storeroom at school full of chemicals at my disposal,” said Logan’s father. “Molotov cocktail, tear gas, you name it, I can make it.”

“Jesus Christ, Dad. What have you been teaching your students?”

His father put a hand on Logan’s shoulder. “Where do you think I learned it from?”

Logan laughed and as he did, he grasped that this was the most comfortable he had felt around his dad in a long time.

He looked towards his mother where she stood at the other end of the table.

“We’ll make the hood removable,” she was saying to Pepper, “that way it won’t be a hindrance when you’re fighting.”

As if sensing his eyes on her, Logan’s mother glanced up. She smiled, and the corners of Logan’s lips curled up in return, the expression coming naturally.

Are you okay? his mother mouthed silently across the table.

Logan nodded, his head hurting slightly more, but it didn’t matter. His parents were here for him. He had their support.

“We won’t be able to communicate with the group outside the fence,” Logan heard Gena say as she rejoined those in the living room, “so we need to think of some sort of signal if we’re in trouble.”

“Can’t you send up red sparks from your wand?” asked Paul.

“I don’t use a wand,” she told him irritably. “I’m not a wizard.” Gena paused for a second, her brows knitted together. “Add a flare gun to the list of supplies, Logan.”

© Jade Fowler 2015