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Happy New Year!

As it’s the beginning of a new year, I thought I would let you all know what’s going on with current book/writing related stuff.

Recently I had a bit of a dilemma over my Into the Night series. I’m not going to stop writing it or anything, I just had to have a serious think about how many books there are going to be in the series. Originally I planned to have a trilogy, a second follow up trilogy, and two stand alone novels. But thinking more about the second trilogy, I realised that there probably wasn’t enough story for three books. I could have added more, but that would have been unnecessary filler, so I instead decided to have a single follow up novel.

But I soon started to see a problem with this. While the other two stand alone novels focus on and are from the point of view of characters other than Logan and Penny, the single follow up novel would be a continuation of the main story. It would be a separate story, but also a continuation. And here was my dilemma. Do I keep it as a separate follow up novel or add it to the trilogy to make a quartet?

The problem I saw with keeping it as a follow up novel was that it really was a continuation of the main story. It seemed a little rude to the readers to wrap up everything at the end of the trilogy and then introduce this separate book that has a self contained story, yet relies on the events of the trilogy to set the stage.

So, I considered adding it to the trilogy to make a quartet. But now I had the problem of it seeming like the events of the fourth book were just tacked on story. And by adding it an issue arose with some repetitiveness that may have worked fine in the original trilogy and second trilogy or even when changed to the trilogy and follow up novel, but didn’t work in the quartet.

I was really stuck on what to do, but after a bit of brainstorming with my housemate (who I have told way too many details about Into the Night to), I came up with a solution. Make Into the Night a quartet by weaving the events of book three and the follow up novel together and tweaking the story to make this work. This way the extra story isn’t tacked on and the story has a proper ending. This fixed the repetitiveness mentioned above and also cleared up something else that I was concerned with. I’m really happy with the outcome. Well, except for one thing, but that’s more do with the fact I made a change I didn’t want to make, but had to for the good of the story. I couldn’t fully go through with it, though, so I came up with a compromise that I’m not entirely happy with because it’s still not cool, but I can deal with. (I’m being totally cryptic, I know.)

To recap, Into the Night is now a quartet, which will be followed up by the two stand alone novels. And while I don’t want to say too much about the stand alone novels just yet, readers might be wondering about them. They will not be Into the Night from Zane’s perspective (or anyone else in the main group). Or a story about the estate before Logan’s arrival. All I will say for now is that the first stand alone novel will be kind of an origins story. Whose origin story? Well, there is actually a hint in From the Ashes as to whose it might be. And for the second stand alone novel, this mainly focuses on the story of a character who we’ve so far learned a little about and will continue to learn about over the next two books. But because their story isn’t essential to the main story (but I still think needs telling), it will be told in a stand alone novel. There will also be a secondary story in this novel, focusing on a character from the main group, but that’s all I’m saying. (Once again, cryptic.)

Oh, and by the way, Into the Night book three will be called…

Only Human

(Book four is currently untitled due to making things a quartet.)

Now, you might be wondering when Only Human will be released. Well, I have to write the thing first, so I’ll keep you posted. And why am I not writing it now? That’s because I’m currently working on something else.

The story that I’m working on at the moment is one that I had the idea for about three years ago. I really love the idea, but I’ve never been able to dedicate the time to it that I would like. And I think I’ve also been a bit freaked out about writing it. It’s YA scifi, and I’ve never written scifi before. And because I love the idea so much, I really want to do it justice. I’ve finally got some time to work on it and I really hope it turns out as awesome as I think it will. It better because otherwise I’m going to be utterly disappointed (I just keep having flashbacks to this poem I wrote when I was fourteen that I thought was going to be epic and then… fizzle).

Anywho, that’s all from me for now. I will keep you updated about Into the Night related stuff and any other writing bits and pieces (I might even share more about the scifi story - but if I never mention it again it means things have not gone to plan and it totally sucks).

I’m kind of glad 2015 is over. It blew chunks for many reasons (the least of which is that I creep ever closer to turning forty *shudder* - only seven more years - blergh!), but it had some good moments, like me finally releasing the second book in my Into the Night series, From the Ashes (if you haven’t read it, get on that).

2016 will be a great year. Well, I hope so.